Solabi Bunmi , CEO Ladymek Stores

Artisan of the Month

October 2021
Name: Bunmi Solabi
Business Niche: Auto Mechanics
Company Name: Ladymek Stores

Solabi Bunmi is a Trained Female Mechanic and the CEO of Ladymek Stores.She studied Science Lab Tech( Microbiology option) and Biology at the universities of Ilorin and Lagos respectively.She’s a mother of two who started her carrier as a Banker and resigned to follow her passion for Cars. She was a Participant at the German-Nigeria Business Forum 2018 and she has been a guest speaker at women conferences across the Nation and beyond. The beautiful Lady Mechanic shares her story with me in this exclusive interview

Childhood Influence
My childhood did not prepare me in anyway to be a Female Mechanic. My childhood dream was to be Medical Doctor, But while growing up, I have always loved cars.

Meet Me
I am Bunmi Solabi CEO of Ladymek Stores, a mother of two adorable children, Biologist and a trained Mechanic.I started my career as banker, I resigned after a while and later joined a pharmaceutical company where I worked for over five years to later pursue my passion for cars.

What made me quit my job to become a mechanic…
My inspiration comes first from my passion for cars and also the need to make an impact and difference in the society. I just wanted to make a difference and pitch my tent in a sector where you hardly find women.The reception so far Because it’s a male dominated terrain the reception and reactions from people especially the men have not been encouraging even some ladies, the attitude is beyond horrendous especially when I was a trainee. But I soldier on because I know I can’t afford that distractions from my dream.

Challenges faced
Right now my major challenge is setting up a standard workshop. I will like Ladymek stores to be in at least Five States in five years time. Other projects and activities Apart from being a mechanic, I am also a public speaker especially on women/Girl empowerment. I have been opportune to speak at Women conferences organized by First Ladies, Organizations, and women in Technical Education. I am also an advocate for Girl Child Education.

Greatest reward
The greatest reward so far is being able to impact my knowledge to women, girls and boys who are my trainees.

Ladymek in five years

I see my brand Ladymek Stores in five states in Nigeria. I will like to have a Standard workshop in at least five States across the nation where we can offer Premium Services and train more Youths and unemployed Graduates to be certified Mechanics.

On giving up
First of all, I will like to say I have never regretted quiting my 8-5 job. However, I must say, there are times I have felt like running back to it because of the on and off challenges I face in this profession. What keeps me going is that I always remember why I started this journey in the first place. There are a lot of ladies that I am mentoring in this Profession who I cannot afford to let down.

My inspiration
My Mother inspires me a lot to be a better version of myself everyday. I also get inspiration from circumstances around me everyday.

I am a Woman Of Rubies
I am a Woman of Rubies because I have dared to break limitations place on women in my profession. I have made the society believe that a woman can do more.



Source: The Guardian