Global Artisan in Nigeria (GAIN)

GAIN is a social movement with the main aim of advancing change, work within and between groups of Artisans, Tradesmen and Micro/ Small Entrepreneurs, changing the landscape of their operations by supporting, promoting, Training/ Re training and grooming them to have high self- esteem and high aspirations and grows their Businesses in such a way that they can provide and render their goods and businesses profitably and keep customers coming back.

Like many other developing nations, informal sector and Artisans alike activities are the second largest employer of Labour in Nigeria having millions of youths, women participating. Despite the fact that their activities account for over 57% Nigeria Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Artisan enterprise in Nigeria is not generally considered a key driver of the growth and development. The depth of and scope of economic impact of Artisan enterprise is not fully appreciated. They generate income, create jobs and foster economic activities and also preserve our culture.

Nigeria Artisans get little support for growth from government and private initiatives despite the rise and change of technology. And as a result, our Artisans are not practicing at the top of their game.

 Our optimism is that If Artisans are integrated into the mainstream social economic development programme, it would increase the income standard of living of many individuals and their families that could yield micro-economic benefits, which when monitored properly would collectively transform the economic landscape of our nation.

GAIN is poised to closing the social and skills gaps and empowering people to be qualified and Proud Artisans/Crafmen, Tradesmen and micro Entrepreneurs. We shall through our strategies engage all the stakeholders in the sector so that the following issues are given much desired attention.

  • Poor perception of Artisans and Tradesmen and other actors in the informal actors
  • Poor remuneration of Artisans and Tradesmen and others
  • Poor bargaining power
  • Quality Service delivery
  • Integrity/ Honesty
  • Timely delivery of jobs
  • Job Dignity
  • Low Self- Esteem, Self-Pride, Inferiority Complex
  • Declining enrollment into Vocational and Technical Careers
  • Social Disconnection
  • Lack of High Aspiration and willingness to be mentored
  • Lack of Role model
  • Liability to self and society

 There is shift in the business world, craft sector inclusive and there is a need for the development of business strategies to be employed so that the Artisans and alike can keep abreast with the changing time.

 The challenge for us therefore has been how we can transform the present-day Artisans, Craftmen and Tradesmen into successful entrepreneurs of the future that will lead to substantial economic growth, which will provide good standard of living for the actors in the sector and also enhance their quests for innovation necessary to attract and retain new customer.

 GAIN will use the new media and other strategies to create awareness for recognition of ARTISANS and TRADESMEN as good brands, promote Artisanry as a career of choice among the upcoming youth and professionalise Artisanry by skilling our already existing Artisans.

 GAIN will also focus on addressing issues with Artisans themselves and their enterprises. The Artisans and the low class deliberately cast aspersions on themselves given the kind of character/image they put up.