Are You An Artisan Or An Entrepreneur?

The vast majority of the articles included in the newsletter are geared towards businesses and organizations.  I thought we’d take a break from that for a week to simply explain a major point of confusion with many community members when they are looking at the actions (or inaction) of local property owners, businesses and organizations. […]

Qualities you need to be a succesful Entrepreneur

•     Achievement orientation An entrepreneur has a strong desire to achieve a higher goal and make his or her dream come true. He or She works hard to achieve the set goal. •    Opportunity identification and initiative An entrepreneur is quick to see and seize opportunities.  He or She has the attitude and mental capability […]

How to Get Started as an Artisan Entrepreneur

Each week, I receive countless emails and phone calls from people who want to launch a business selling the products they make. I received an email recently from Jill in Tennessee who told me that: “I am really having a hard time finding what makes me unique. Therefore, I am having a hard time defining […]